Challenging the Status Quo

Foundation Financial Concepts, LLC (FFC) has coordinated a team of experienced professionals to provide current and innovative ways to help successful business owners and investors seek to maximize their ability to tax shelter income and capital gains; pass assets to their loved ones; and take advantage of up, down, or sideways market cycles.

You don’t have to rely on financial strategies that "ignore" the bear market crashes such as 2000, 2008, 2020 or that stubbornly fight against bull markets like that of the recent decade.

Our goal is to combine years of knowledge in various fields to help produce an efficient and effective experience for our business owners and investors.

As a firm which challenges the status quo, FFC has created many strategic partnerships.

Reputable firms such as Charles Schwab and BNY Mellon /Pershing are available to custody client assets while our broker-dealer Concorde Investment Services, LLC helps provide due diligence on alternative asset solutions. 

Our Services

  • Assist with Tax Planning Strategies for Small Business Owners

  • Assist with Business Succession Planning & Family Inheritance Planning

  • Provide Tax Efficient Strategies for Accredited Real Estate Investors Including Access to 1031 Exchanges & Qualified Opportunity Zones

  • Provide access to Real Estate Investment Properties for Self-Directed IRAs & Small Business Retirement Plans

  • Help Set up Customized Tax Advantage Small Business Retirement Plans

  • Provide Pro-Active Portfolio Management to help Hedge & Invest in Up, Down, or Sideways Markets

  • Assist with Tax Favorable Charitable Giving

  • Assist with Disability Insurance & Life Insurance Planning

  • Offer Free Investment Portfolio Reviews

  • Provide Financial Education & CPA CE Seminars

  • Provide Investment Education Newsletters/ Articles

Our Team


Lee Bevill- Wealth Strategist / Founder

Foundation Financial Concepts was founded by Lee Bevill in 1997. Lee grew up in the farming business where his father stressed hard work and common sense. Lee enjoyed the business aspect of farming and went on to earn his Accounting Degree from the University of Missouri (Go Tigers!). Lee founded FFC out of the unquestionable desire that experienced business owners and investors were asking for more from the financial services industry. FFC believes continuously trying to improve results by adding creative solutions is a better approach for our client's goals than merely focusing on industry benchmarks. FFC also believes our results approach along with the foundations of risk management can continue to go beyond traditional methods alone. Learn more!


Stephen T. Glasgow- Financial Planning Analyst / Investment Consultant

Stephen T. Glasgow partnered with Foundation Financial Concepts as an Investment Consultant to help with client education and to provide portfolio analysis. Mr. Glasgow worked with high net-worth investors as a VP/Financial Consultant & Educator through the Charles Schwab Wealth Planning & Education team in Boca Raton, FL as well as Faculty & Staff of Florida State University, University of TN, and Murray State University. Mr. Glasgow has a passion for educating clients and to see investors of all types experience true success with their portfolios and financial goals. Learn more!