Stephen T. Glasgow

Financial Planning Analyst / Investment Consultant

Stephen T. Glasgow partnered with Foundation Financial Concepts as an Investment Consultant to help with client education and to provide portfolio analysis. Mr. Glasgow worked with high net-worth investors as a VP/Financial Consultant & Educator through the Charles Schwab Wealth Planning & Education team in Boca Raton, FL as well as Faculty & Staff of Florida State University, University of TN, and Murray State University. Mr. Glasgow has a passion for educating clients and to see investors of all types experience true success with their portfolios and financial goals.

You can click this calendar link for a free 30 min confidential consultation regarding:  

  • Ways to Invest Along Side the Next Generation of Trailblazers
  • Pro-Active Investment Strategies to Help Protect and Take Advantage of Up, Down, & Sideways Markets
  • How Repositioning Investments Can Potentially Clobber Taxes and Boost ROI
  • Big Capital Gains? Selling Your Real Estate or Small Business? How we help our Accredited Investors, Business Owners, & CPAs Utilize Important but often missed 1031 Exchange & Qualified Opportunity Zone Tax Code Provisions
  • How We Work with CPAs to Custom Design Your Small Business Retirement Plan & Help Maximize Tax Efficiency
  • Ways to Design a Mortgage Protection Plan to Pay Off Your Home Early & Help Protect Against Unforeseen Death or Disability
  • How to Use Life Insurance to Help Protect Your Surviving Spouse & Children from Major Social Security Shortfalls
  • Action Plans for Busy Parents to Help Preserve Their Family’s Financial Future
  • How to Use Insurance to Help Protect Your Earning Power from Unforeseen Disability
  • Using Our Independent Insurance Networks to Compare the Life & Health Insurance Rates

click this calendar link for a free 30 min confidential consultation


- 0215 Life Insurance, Health, Variable Annuity (State of Florida) (State of KY)
- FINRA Series 65 (Uniform Investment Advisor Law)
- FINRA Series 7 (General Securities Representative)
- FINRA Series 66 (Uniformed Combned State Law) 


We can provide information and education, but not give tax, legal, or Social Security advice.  We are not affiliated or endorsed by the Social Security Administration.  Consumers should seek guidance from their tax or legal advisor, or the Social Security Administration regarding their particular situation. While Certain Strategies can be used to limit investment losses, there are no guarantees and risks remain for successful implementation.

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